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Snowman Crochet Pattern

Updated: Mar 29, 2021


  • 2.75 mm hook

  • Yarn (I use cotton yarn, weight 4): white, red, orange, mint (or hat/scarf color(s) of choice)

  • 1 pair of 6 mm safety eyes (for the buttons)

  • 1 pair of 8 mm safety eyes

  • Polyester fiber stuffing

  • Stitch marker (to keep track of rows)

  • Finishing needle (to sew parts together, embroider nose, and weave in ends)

  • Optional: pom-pom for the top of the hat and yarn, twine, or hook to make your snowman into an ornament


  • Basic understanding of how to complete amigurumi and follow patterns

  • Chain (ch)

  • Working in rows

  • Working in a spiral

  • Slip stitch (sl st)

  • Single crochet (sc)

  • Single crochet increase (inc.)

  • Single crochet invisible decrease (dec.)

  • Double crochet (dc)

  • Half double crochet (hdc)

  • Half double crochet decrease (hdc dec.)

  • Triple crochet (tr)

  • Joining new yarn to crochet on a hat brim

  • Working in back loops only (BLO)

  • Crocheting two ends together

  • Sewing amigurumi parts together

  • Finishing off (f.o.) and weaving/tucking in ends

This pattern is written in US crochet terms. The finished snowman is approximately 5 inches tall.

I choose to begin by chaining two and then single crocheting 6 stitches in the second chain from the hook. Of course, you may alternatively do a magic ring if you prefer.


I like to make the heart first. This makes it easier to sew it onto the snowman later because I can tie the ends in a knot, hidden inside the snowman.

Use red yarn and leave a tail of a few inches before making your slip knot.

Row 1: ch 2, in 2nd ch from the hook, complete: 3 sc, dc, tr, ch 3, sl st, ch 3, tr, dc, 3 sc, sl st to the first sc you made.

F.o. Use the tail from the beginning to close the little hole in the middle, if you desire. (Alternatively you could just close the gap as you sew the heart onto the chest later).


Use white yarn. Stuff as you go. This will be crocheted in a spiral (not a row with chaining and slip stitches).

R1: ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from the hook (6)

R 2: inc. x 6 (12)

R 3: inc. x 12 (24)

R 4: (3 sc, inc.) x 6 (30)

R 5: (4 sc, inc.) x 6 (36)

R 6-14 (9 rows): 36 sc (36)

Insert one 6 mm safety eye (used as a button) between rows 8 and 9, and the second between rows 11 and 12.

R 15: (4 sc, dec) x 6 (30)

R 16: (3 sc, dec) x 4 (24)

R 17: dec. x 12

Sew your heart on the upper right side of the snowman’s body near rows 11-15 (Be careful not let the top of the heart go too far above row 15 because it might be covered by the scarf that you will make later).

R 18: inc. x 12 (24)

R 19: (3 sc, inc.) x 6 (30)

R 20: (4 sc, inc.) x 6 (36)

R 21-25 (5 rows): 36 sc (36)

Insert eyes between rows 22 and 23, 5 stitches apart (or about 3-4 visible stitches, not obscured by the eyes). Make sure the eyes are centered with the buttons on the body. Add a nose by taking a bit of orange yarn and wrapping it through a stitch or two right below in between the eyes.

R 26: (4 sc, dec) x 6 (30)

R 27: (3 sc, dec) x 6 (24)

R 28: (2 sc, dec) x 6 (18)

R 29: (sc, dec) x 6 (12)

R 30: dec. x 6 (6)

F.o. and sew the head closed.

Arm (make 2)

Use white yarn. Do not stuff. This will be crocheted in a spiral (not a row with chaining and slip stitches).

R 1: ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from the hook (6)

R 2: inc. x 6 (12)

R 3-9: (7 rows): 12 sc (12)

R 10: Fold your arm in half and close shut with 6 sc (6)

F.o. and sew them on near rows 12-14 at a slight angle so that they point forward.


Use mint yarn. You will be alternating between single crochet and double crochet for the entire scarf. I like the look of a very big and wide scarf. However, you may choose to modify the scarf pattern based upon your preference. Add or subtract chains to alter the length and add or subtract the number of rows to alter the thickness. Make sure that you begin with an odd number of chains because you will start crocheting starting from the 2nd ch from the hook and will want an even number of stitches to complete the (sc, dc) sequence.

R 1: ch 51, starting from the 2nd ch from the hook, complete: (sc, dc) x 25 (50)

R 2-4 (3 rows): ch 1, turn, (sc, dc) x 25 (50)

F.o. and weave in ends. Wrap the scarf around your snowman’s neck and form a little “x” on the left side. Sew the scarf where the two parts meet. (You can sew the scarf around the neck as well if you choose. I chose not to because I like the way it looks when it’s loosely-fitting.)


I place the hat on the snowman without sewing it on. If you would like to sew it on, leave a long tail before beginning the brim and later use it to sew the hat onto the head of your snowman. If you want to make your snowman into an ornament, sew the hat onto the head so that you can put the hook into the hat later.


R 1: ch 4, beginning from the 2nd ch from the hook complete 3 sc (3)

R 2-30 (29 rows): ch 1, turn, BLO 3 sc (3)

Alternatively, you can crochet until the brim is approximately 6.25 inches long or long enough to wrap around the head of the snowman.

Next, sl st the two ends of your flat piece together with three sl stitches so that it is a circular band.

I begin row 1 (next step below) near where I slip stitched the band together. This way, all the connecting slip stitches are on the same side, and I later make this the back side of my hat when I place it on my snowman (since the front side won’t have the crease caused by slip stitches).

R 1: sl st in a gap at the top of the brim. Ch 1. Complete 1 hdc in the same place you just created a slip stitch in. Complete 29 more hdc stitches around the brim, evenly spaced. Sl st to the first hdc you created. (30)

R 2: ch 1, (3 hdc, hdc dec.) x 6, sl st to the first hdc you created (24)

R 3: ch 1, (2 hdc, hdc dec.) x 6, sl st to the first hdc you created (18)

R 4: ch 1, (hdc, hdc dec.) x 6, sl st to the first hdc you created (12)

R 5: ch 1, hdc dec. x 6 , sl st to the first hdc you created (6)

F.o. and, and leave a tail to sew the hat shut. Weave in any loose ends. Place the hat onto the head (sew it on if you wish).

Optional additions: Sew or glue a small pom pom on top of the snowman’s hat. If you wish to make your snowman into an ornament, add the hook now. If you’re using twine or string, use your tapestry needle to insert the string through the hat and/or head (depending on where you want the hook to be). Tie your two ends together with two double knots. Trim the yarn ends so that they are small enough to hide in the snowman’s head but still long enough so that it won’t come undone. Next, slide the yarn so that the knot is hidden in the snowman’s head.

The end!

Thanks for trying my pattern! I’d love to see your finished result on instagram. Tag me at @Lindsey_Crochets

You may not copy or distribute any part of this pattern. You are welcome to sell the finished product, but please credit Lindsey Crochets as the pattern’s creator. Find me at Instagram at @lindsey_crochets and at

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