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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Lindsey. I am from (and still live in) the beautiful state of Colorado. 

I used to teach middle school English until escalating chronic pain (primarily migraines) forced me to quit several years ago. It was an emotionally, spiritually, and physically painful transition from feeling joyfully productive everyday at work to feeling sick everyday, stuck at home. (I've written and sometimes still do write about my chronic pain journey here.)

Fortunately, even in my darkest hours, God has never abandoned me. Although I continue to struggle, he has blessed me with an amazing family, a supportive husband, holy friendships, and ample spiritual encouragement. 

About a year and a half of trying to manage daily physical pain, I picked up crochet to try to distract myself from the weight and mundanity of these burdens. Despite my overall lack of skill and discipline for anything crafty, I really enjoyed the process and quickly became hooked (pun unintended). Soon, I began crocheting Catholic saints. For several months now, I've been dabbling at writing my own patterns and it's been highly rewarding. 

God truly has used crochet to lift me out of darkness, as strange as that might sound. (It is certainly not just a cliché that He works in mysterious ways.) I'm excited to make my crocheting journey and (free!) patterns more accessible to the public through this blog. 

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